Vs Sampler… 3 more rows quilted.

The feature image is taken from underneath the loaded quilt.. I love the effect of the light shining through.

This process is going a lot slower than i expected.. there are some days where i just can’t seem to get a nice smooth curve. then days like today i was able to cruize on it.. Keep in mind a lot of this is free motion quilted and i’m not using any designs to aid me in the quilting process. I really think that the irregular lines just show that it was done by human movement not by a computer that gives perfect lines… I personally would rather receive a quilt that was all done by hand VS computer quilted.. to it means that the quilter actually took the time to think and do the quilting.

Well here are the next 3 rows as i had earlier mentioned.

Next post will be when the quilt is finished.


  1. I think your quilting is just lovely and enhances the top. I have a Handiquilter Avante with a (unused) ProStitcher. I’ve thought about removing it and selling that part. I don’t use pantographs or groovy boards as i prefer the look of hand-guided quilting. I do alot of ruler work and feathers but I really prefer to just “wing” it as each top speaks to me. I totally understand you comment about curves being wonky one day and cruising through them the next! Somedays my continuous curves are gorgeous–the next day I’m using a curved ruler to get them to look ok. Thanks again for the pattern and posting your quilting. Blessings…


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