Pandemic cancels my guilds quilt show …

Covid 19 has pretty much turned most of our lives upside down.   Here I was at the beginning of March trying to get all my registered quits ready for quilt show that was to be held on the  March 14th 2020 .  I was down to the brass tacks to get the last project completed.  On March 12 My guild had its regular scheduled meeting and it was decided that we would postpone our 20th anniversary quilt show to a later date.  This year  registrations were limited to enter 20 items .  Here is what i would have entered for display at the show.

The jacket is my 20 items 20 years challenge.. i chose to make this trench coat it incorporates 20 buttons.. I got the pattern from Taylor Trench coat it was a sew along on a FB group.  This was the last item i completed for this show on March 12.

These are is the guild Challenge for charity we were given a FQ , a color and a shape.   I was given for both the same white fq with colored speckles, the 1st one shape is square and color yellow. the 2nd one is shape rectangle and the color green.

And this one is the Canadian Quilters Guild member challenge that i made last year.. This one we had to use the color kona purple, represent Quilting goes viral,( the theme of the 2019 Canadian National Quilt show), use only 3 colors and have a perimeter of 72 inches. 1 influences 21. My representation is that if one tells two and they in turn tell 2 then soon the word will spread. 20200408_091304

These are the other quilts that were registered in the show.


I’m really hoping that the show will be rescheduled in the fall as we only host it every 2nd year and this year was real special as it has been 20 years since the guild started. Some of these quilts will be gifted by the time we reschedule the show.

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