My 1st published quilt.

I’ve been absent from here as I’ve been spending my time with my mother who is now in her late stages of dimentia so family comes 1st and quilting has gotten pushed to the back burner.

When I got a submision request for a 3 dimentional quilt I was able to go back in to the many quilts I had designed and found this one from 1997 that I designed when I 1st got my Eq7 program..

To my surprise it was accepted and published in the Sept/Oct 2022 issue of McCalls quilting magazine.

Cover of issue

I got to choose my materials, so I chose the Stonehenge gradiations line of fabrics being a Canadian manufacturer. Once the quilt to was complete, I asked my friend Jocelyn Karran of Mountain Custom Quilting for ideas.. She said bring it over and we’ll get it done on my machine wich is computerized. We used a quilting motif from Anita Shackelford called Modern Curves as I didn’t want to take away from the quilt itself.

modern curves quilt motif.
back of quilt using Stonehenge graduations wide back.

If anyone decides to make this quilt I would love that you share a photo of it with me.

For now I’m enjoying the time I have left with mom. Take care of your loved ones as I’m finding out they may be gone from your lives sooner than you expected.

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