2017 Christmas sew along… part 3




Before we get on with part 3 I’d like to recap my week.

This week has been a busy one…  I got a new van and had details put on it.. I drew the details on with my EQ 7 program…    thenI went into Trimline Designs in Whitecourt Ab. I did not like the colors they has on had so I changed them to the silver and teal. I’m happy with the outcome.


Then later in the week mom came over and we worked on one of her UFO’s. all we need to finish is 3 borders.  I cut and pin the pieces and she sews and presses them.  We make a good team.


Also this week a friend asked me to do a tutorial on how to make a mug rug.  She is a beginner so later this week I will have one up on how to make a log cabin tutorial.


While i was making this my rotary cutter slipped and took off the tip of my index finger on my left hand so this part 3 will be short and sweet as it hurts to type..

Here are the pictures from making the large start block for Stellar Cabins. I did only a few as it’s almost the same process as making the small star block from part 2.  Thing to remember your lining up the 1 1/4″ dot for the center of the goose as its half of the large geese when trimming to size..



The Pattern for this part can be downloaded at   my Payhip store Stellar Cabins

See ya all next week for part 4

2017 Christmas sew along Schedule.

October 11      Fabric requirements

October 25      Part 1

November 1    Part 2

November 8    Part 3

November 15  Part 4

November 22   Part 5

Please share your work with  me as you make this quilt…

either on my FB page   ReneeChesterQuiltDesings2016 Or Life’s a quilt FB group

Or by Email:  Chairo@telus.net


      1. It must be my computer. I am having trouble downloading #3. I get an error message. Everything goes ok until I try to download. I’ll have one of my young neighbors to help me. 🙂


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