A Cheerful twin quilt for mom…

I’ve not been doing a lot of sewing lately…Back in December I fried the screen on my HQ16 and took it in over the christmas holidays.. well i dint get it back till almost the mid February… the screen had to be made from scratch as there are no longer parts for my machine… I lost my ompf.

I have been playing with the EQ program thought…

JM222All the quilts that I’ve made mom are too heavy for her.  On March 1st we moved her into the Senior Lodge and she downsized her bed to a twin.  Now she needs a new quilt.  I found a quilt i like in a book called Stellar Quilts by Judy Martin.  The quilt I chose is called Wedding Bands.. I was really drawn to this but do not like the way the transition between fabrics is boxy… WeddingBands



Mom loves green these are the fabrics I chose for her…WIN_20190317_15_21_40_Pro


So to the eq program to play and fix the transition… I also wanted to add some applique this the 1st eq version… 54277777_10156187918638339_1355444738920022016_n.jpg

Upon playing some more i decided to change our the starts for flowers… Here’s the version im going to go with.. Its cheery and i know mom will love it.  I also added butterflies to the large open spaces.


I’m really debating on using minky or fireside or maybe silk batting to keep this quilt light. I will update you all when I have it finished this is my project for the April 5 weekend retreat ill be attending.



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