Navahoe Reflections…

While playing with the Electric Quilt program I designed this quilt… I call it Navahoe Reflections as the background reminds me of a pattern one would find on a horse blanket… and the Cowboy looks to me like he is reflecting on what he needs to do that day or what he has accomplished.  Its a lap size 65×83.cowboy.PNG

When writing out the pattern I became aware of a glitch in the EQ8 Program..

The program has a size restriction for the printing of templates…

When i tried printing this is all i got…

I was not aware of this..

After sending my file to EQ Support they came up with a resolution for me to be able to do the PDF templates for my pattern…

This is what i sent them…

The program will not let me do the template of the cowboy for printing. I choose size from quilt and only does pieces of it.. I realize it will take a lot of sheets to print the man and post. Thank you Renee

Their Response was:

Hi Renee,
Thanks for sending your project! I talked with a few others here and yes, there seems to be a size restriction on the printouts that we were not aware of. Not too many people print templates that large I guess. Anyways, this is our solution for you. In the Print Template box under Finished Block Size, click the Custom Block Size option and type in the dimensions of the design at HALF the size. So the Width would be 36.61 and the Height would be 37.185 (see attached). Print the templates at half the size, then scale up 200% on your printer. I wasn’t sure if you were creating a PDF to take to a copy shop for printing so either way, the final print needs to be printed at 200% of the size to get the 73×74-ish dimensions. Here’s information on creating a PDF if you don’t already know how to do this.

I hope this helps! I’m sorry about the issue, but hopefully this solution will work for what you want to do.

After doing as asked i was able to get the template to half size and my printer will allow me to enlarge to 200%. this i what the half size looks like on my screen.Capture

The pattern is now written but has not been made by me or tested yet.. those of you interested i will sell it at half price of my regular patterns as i have not actually made it yet.

Navahoe Reflections PDF Digital Pattern

Pattern size is 65×83 lap. This pattern has not been made or tested by me so I sell it at half regular cost… Blog for this one is found here…



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