Mom and I are working on a new quilt…

As some of you may recall.. mom has dementia and she no longer can sew.  My boys are in Air Cadets.  On the nights and Saturday’s that they are at cadets I go sew with mom.. Its been a while as at he end of February we found out that mom was accepted to move into the senior lodge.. So had to help pack move and unpack..Well this saturday boys had  Fitness Challenge from 9 to 3 so i grabbed my box of charm squares that were left  in my bin and some of the blue fabrics yardage and FQ’s that I inherited in her move.

Charm march 2

When i got there She would press the fabric pieces flat as I cut 2 1/2″ strips subcut into 5″.  Then I sewed them to one side of the charm square.. I pulled out all the real bright ones that were there to leave all the fabrics fairly muddied (toned down) colors..   We sewed from 930 to noon and again from 2 to 3.  We got so much accomplished… 9 rows of 12 charms.Charm March 1

When I got home I started to play with my EQ8 to figure out how to get a decent size quilt from this.. I could add just the same patch with corner-stone but it didn’t speak happy to me..charm-march-6.png

I played till i got this 8″ finished block then added 2″ sashing and  2″cornerstones to it.Charm March 5

This quilt will eventually go to one of the boys. So keep playing.. I came up with this:


Woah… this is way too big… its measuring 96×128  ill be ripping out a few seams so that my layout will be 8×9 so the quilt with a 5″ border will measure 95 x 105  room to fold over the pillows.Charm MARCH

Here are the fabric requirements.. I turned all the charm squares to one color for to make it easier to know that 72 charm squares are needed.

Charm march 3

I cant wait to show you all how it turns out… It may take a while as I only work on this one when I’m visiting with mom.  If you noticed i gave you all you need tomake this quilt.  Enjoy


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