Mom has her new quilt.

If you follow me you may remember this previous post A Cheerful twin qult for mom

Designed on my EQ8 Program.

20190407_003631Well I got it finished and quilted and I sure was not too happy with it before it was quilted.

I started it during our Pins and Pine needles quilt guild spring retreat at Camp He Ho Ha.    As I had it up on the design wall the more it came together the less I liked it.. It was so blah using solid fabrics is something real new to me and there just was no movement in the quilt from the fabrics… It just layed there.    I worked on it Friday Saturday and Sunday.. by Sunday I had all the centerpiece done and added the 1st appliqued butterfly.    by sunday after noon is when things started going wrong telling me it was time to pack up.. I had sewed squares in the wrong orientation and positions and pulled them out to fix them and noticed that I had made another mistake.. sometimes it’s better just to walk away and take a break so I did packed it up and worked on charity projects.

60349356_10156300214883339_8274074532319330304_nI made a fidget quilt, and in total 8 fidget quilts to get donated to seniors with dementia/Alzheimer to keep hands busy.

59875398_10156300214793339_8639651677424582656_nI made 12 hug hearts and in total our guild had 147 hug hearts ready to be donated to the NICU in Edmonton. These hearts will be given to parents to wear next to their skin to absorb the parent smell and put by premature baby’s heads so they still smell their parents.

I got home and finished all the Flower blocks and put the top together. While making the last couple blocks I did up a You tube Video on how I  made these flowers.. you can view it there: How I made Moms flowers.

This is where the whole top came together and the less I liked it I knew that I would have to do something real special with the quilting to take this quilt from blah to having a  spark.20190428_103051

Here is a close up of my butterflies: I use wonder under as a double sided adhesive.   and stitched them down using a double blanket stitch.


The center butterfly did not sit well with me so I removed it and added a prettier one that had more sparkle..I’m really happy with this decision.

Now that the top is completed time to load on the HQ16.  start quilting it.

I choose to quilt it with flowers to make the quilt look more like a garden. each color variation has a different flower. I got tutorials from Lori Kennedy Quilts for the quilting. the center  forget me nots.  next was Larkspur. next Roses and last crabapple blossoms. 

It was gifted to mom on mother’s day this year and she loves it. here is the completed project.






  1. Lovely quilt for mom!! The quilting is totally what I depend on to add the punch to quilts using solids…but quilting is my favorite part of the process!!! Love your butterflies with the tiny pieces of patterned fabric…that also adds some sparkle to the quilt. I love quilts made with solid fabrics…the fabrics chosen, their placement and relationship to each other really is so much more important than when we use patterned fabrics.


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